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What’s the purpose of programs like this?

The unique purpose you may have can come from a wide range of needs… to build a new project team… to regroup from a restructure, … to reinvigorate an existing team… to induct new team members… to develop or strengthen a corporate culture… to establish new goals and ways of achieving them etc.  The serious purposes that underlie a program are as endless as there are unique needs because the purpose is determined by you and your needs are unique.

However, serious purposes and serious results do not mean that the learning and development process can’t be stimulating, enjoyable, refreshing, invigorating and simply good fun. Sharing fun times and challenging times has in itself a power that is well captured by the experiential approaches taken by Unique Team Building.  Sometimes things can go the other way around and the main purpose may be to celebrate, or to reward achievement by a fun and interesting joint experience…

The teamwork, mutual understanding, networking, trust and joint aspirations that just naturally flow from such experiences are in themselves of great value.

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