Duration 2-3 Days
Setting Outdoors
Price from $380 pp


Our modern society has become increasingly complex and challenging. As we have become more ‘advanced’, as civilisation has progressed, we have become more and more removed from our beginnings as humans who needed to live connected with nature.

Indigenous cultures have much to teach us about how we can live in Australia. It’s not easy, it’s the driest continent in the world (excluding Antarctica), with extreme climates and minimal food sources.

Obviously, you’ll gain valuable knowledge for if you are ever in an emergency, survival situation. More importantly though, your team will learn the most important aspects of surviving and thriving in the outdoors- your mental approach. Resilience and adaptation are key, and can indeed be taught.

Purpose Fun Travel Development Health and Fitness Leadership Trust Creativity Team Bonding Change Management Problem Solving
Objectives Health and Fitness Leadership Trust Creativity Team Bonding Change Management Problem Solving
Location Syd NSW ACT VIC QLD SA WA NT TAS Oceania
Inclusions Catering All Meals Free Consultation Equipment Accommodation Photography package
+ Options/Extras Canoeing Body and Mind Bootcamp Trekking Culinary Experiences Travel Allowance History, Geology, Plants and Wildlife Meditation and Contemplation Team Health Development Boomerang Throwing Bush Tucker Tasting 4wding Survivor Training Customised Team Building Programs Snow Retreats Bushwalking Abseiling Caving Canyoning High Ropes Course Team Building Activities Campfire Dinner Night Photography Games
Group Size 5-25
Large Group Discounts $310pp (for over 40 people)
Minimum Fee $4,600


We’ll customise a program for your group, based on your objectives, demographics, group size, location, duration and how far out of the comfort zone and into the challenge zone you are willing to go.

Included in your course can be workshops and experiences such as:

    • Emergency survival and Evacuations
    • Navigation, signalling and rescue
    • Sourcing and filtering fresh water
    • Camping and shelter building
    • Bushcraft, weaving and tool creation
    • Indigenous culture– how to live WITH the land
    • Fire starting– flint, battery, rubbing sticks/fire bow
    • Hunting/fishing tools and techniques, inc trapping
    • Bush foods and medicines– foraging and preparation
    • Resilience and Mindset training
    • Health and wellness

Our professional facilitators and instructors will provide you with plenty of great information and demonstrations, but more importantly- you’ll have the opportunity to apply your skills firsthand.

*We are happy to serve you in all locations listed, however travel allowances may apply for locations outside of Sydney and Brisbane, our home bases.

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