Duration Full Day
Setting Outdoors
Price from $190 pp


Need to get some fresh air? If your team is stressed by the confines of the office, its deadlines, technical breakdowns, and never-ending complications… then it’s time for an escape.

Leave civilisation behind and get back to nature. Your group will be revitalised, because life in nature is simple, balanced and beautiful. Your eco-guide will lead you to the best places, allowing your team to open up with each other, as well as gain a deeper understanding of the plants, wildlife and aboriginal past of this ancient land.


Purpose Energiser Fun Travel Development Health and Fitness Leadership Trust Reward Communication Team Bonding Change Management Problem Solving
Objectives Energiser Health and Fitness Leadership Trust Reward Communication Team Bonding Change Management Problem Solving
Inclusions Drinks Local Guide All Meals Free Consultation Catering Lunch Accommodation Snacks Transport Prizes Photography package
+ Options/Extras Exercising Running Body and Mind Trekking Swimming History, Geology, Plants and Wildlife Meditation and Contemplation Boomerang Throwing Bush Tucker Tasting Customised Team Building Programs Sightseeing Bushwalking Team Building Activities
Group Size 5-25
Large Group Discounts $155pp (for over 40 people)
Minimum Fee $2,400


We’re lucky to live in Australia. The world’s only Island-continent, we are a unique ark full of plants and animals from our ancient Gondwana origins. Our land’s traditional custodians lived in harmony with the land and sea for over 60,000 years, which means Australian Aborigines are the longest living cultures in the world.

With over 500 National Parks, many are easily accessible from our major suburban centres. However, for many people to experience the full benefit of nature an experienced eco-guide and outdoor educator is what’s needed. Interpretation using all five senses will give your group a greater connection, and a background in experiential learning ensures groups and individuals will bond and grow together through shared challenge and appreciation.

The main activities in our nature-based team building are:

  • Bushwalking – either challenging, tranquil or both
  • Swimming – great way to cool down and relax in summer
  • Bush Tucker Tasting – learn how to survive
  • History, Geology, Plants and Wildlife Interpretation – it’s amazing what’s on your door step
  • Meditation and Contemplation – take time to let it soak in

As an eco-tour operator, we can also combine transport for greater options. Bushwalks can form part of programs such as our one-day outdoor team building from Sydney, our overnight corporate retreats or as part of a bespoke team building program.


*We are happy to serve you in all locations listed, however travel allowances may apply for locations outside of Sydney, our home base.

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