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Why Team Building?

Why should we do Team Building programs?

Whether you want to have a break during a conference, want to strengthen or build up the bonds of your team, want to reward it or get the energy and creativity flowing or whatever unique incentive you have – team building activities are fun, help to develop your team and can be a great escape from the everyday routine!

What are 3 things I need to know about effective Team Building Programs?

  1. You need to know what you are trying to achieve through the program and who is likely to give you that result. For fuller understanding, see the blog: Love Ice Cream? How about some for Dinner tonight?
  2. Experiential Learning seems to be the most effective form of training for these programs… but what is Experiential Learning and why is it so effective? For a fuller understanding, see the blog: What everybody ought to know about Experiential Learning.
  3. If there is an investment to be made in management training, even a small investment of money, time and energy, then it is hoped that there is some transfer of learning back into workplace. Understanding transfer is important to understanding the value of training programs. For a fuller understanding, see the blog: Why on earth do I need to understand the concept of transfer?

Is it best to do a team development program with an existing team?

Yes! Need more be said! Well… Yes!

Bill Clinton had a sign in his office…’It’s all about the economy!’ And the simple equivalent applies here… It’s often NOT the grand mission statement fulfilment stuff that determines what building a team is all about, but local stuff.

If you send staff off to get team development where structures, or politics or fractures in the workplace, need healing; or if work practices foster individualism and teamwork is really just a fashionable buzz word …then the simple answer of “Yes!” Turns into a “Maybe!”

This is one of the many reasons why a preliminary consultation with an experienced consultant is a highly desirable first step in determining just what benefit might be likely from any particular team building program (it goes without saying that team development programs when properly designed and implemented can be highly effective in building new teams and project groups).

Who can do these programs?

Simply answered … everyone. Age, gender, fitness level, education and training levels, are not relevant, except as factors for us to consider in design and implementation. Programs for a rugby team will be different to a program for a Board of Directors. Teams aren’t just young people at the coalface, teams are also vertical in structure. With programs capable of having Managing Directors through to assistant junior janitors, all combined to meet the unique needs of an organisation that sees value in vertical team integration. Hence there can be a wide diversity of fitness levels and physical abilities, age and experience. Experiential learning is very versatile and powerful once the needs are determined professionally and the implementation is competent.

How fit does our group need to be?

Being fit to engage in any form of team building or management development program isn’t just about physical fitness. It’s more about attitude fitness. Unless the program is designed specifically with heavy physical action involved, then just about anyone can engage in the action. Generally, the real essence of programs is in the mental, social, and organisational engagement of the participants. It is true to say it’s usually more physical than sitting at a desk or working on a computer and often involves being active in unusual and fun ways, but it is not overly strenuous and team members can elect to pass on activities that are beyond their ability.

Our Team Building Programs

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we have Public Liability Insurance to $10,000,000.

What makes your Team Building events unique?

Our experience and skills make mean we can deliver Team Building programs that are unique. Our priority is to tailor our programs to your needs in order make your team shine. We are especially skilled in outdoor experiential learning, travel and photography. If you want to find out more, visit our Why We’re Unique page.

Is your Team Building event really going to have an effect on our team?

Yes it wil, but you don’t have to take our word for it, please read some examples for yourself in our Case Studies and or our .

Where are you located and where can we go?

We are a Sydney-based company. However, we service all over Australia, and having a background in tourism, we can take your team to the most beautiful locations in Australia, and overseas. Where applicable, we team up with local guides and operators in order to deliver you the best possible program. Find out more about our Locations.

What are your venues, can you come to us?

We are based in Sydney, however we are happy to come to or take you to other places in order for you to enjoy our unique team building activities. Travel allowances may apply. We also have a wide range of programs, Features and Ideas that we can tailor to you.

What is the best-sized group for Team Building?

Although it all depends on the chosen activity and the preferred outcome, as a guideline 20-30 people are a good number to work on the dynamics of your team. Use our Search Now function to find the program that suits your group size.

Making a Choice

What activities does a Team Building event usually consist of?

Our team building activities are different for every program and every need. However you can find an Overview of Team Building Ideas that we can combine to make a tailored experience just for you.

Which program is best for us?

As we see you as you are – unique – we want to get to know you and your needs first, before we answer this questions. Enquire now or call for a free consultation, so that we can determine the best program for you. See an Overview of Team Building Programs for more details.

How long can and should the event be?

The duration of your Team building event depends on your desires, your goals, your time and your budget. As every need is unique, we cannot simply answer this question without knowing you first. However, shorter programs are ideal for a break, team bonding and smaller issues, while true change within the dynamics of your team can only be initiated if you undergo an extended program that is focusing on your specific issues. Whatever you need, we can provide you with a tailored program to reach your goal. See Duration for more details.

How does it fit with our budget?

We will tailor to your needs. This includes your budget, and we’ll do our best to find a solution that fits both your budget and reaches your goal. Contact Us today for more information.

Where are we doing the event?

We offer team building programs Indoors, Outdoors and a Combination of the two, whichever suits your needs best. The venues can be your office or conference centre, or we can organise a venue for you including taking you to some of our favourite places outdoors. Find more about our Settings.

What if our people don’t like to participate in group activities?

Even though some might be sceptical in the beginning, we usually have them convinced before long. Why?Because we get to know your team, we use our skills to engage them and because our programs are fun! Find out more about us, we are a friendly bunch.

Your Event – Organisational Aspects

How early should we book our Team Building event?

As we want to find out who you are and what you need first, allow enough time for us to tailor the program to you. However, we are flexible and if needed can often act quickly. Contact Us for more info.

What’s the procedure when booking a program?

After your enquiry with us, we will contact you as soon as possible (usually within 24-48 hrs) in order to get to know you. After we have discussed and agreed upon your program and secured the date (a deposit is required), your part of organising is done, we’ll take over from there. Find out more on How We Deliver.

Do we need to bring a photographer to take pictures?

No, you don’t. A professional photography package is part of our service and is what sets us apart from others. This means you can concentrate on having a great time and we will capture the moment for you. We will send you the pictures in Full Res after the event. See Photography Package for more details.

How do you send us the photos?

We will provide you the photos via an online link where you can download the digital negatives in full resolution, which has often included post-editing, retouching, and cropping of the best photos (usually 20-50). You have joint copyright and can print/share them as you wish.

What happens if we have to reschedule or cancel?

The deposit is non-refundable, however we will work on rescheduling the event or can offer credit towards another activity.

If you have to reschedule, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can change arrangements. We know that issues can come up and we want to assist you with your needs, however without early notice, we cannot guarantee a solution. Please see our Terms and Conditions.

What happens if it rains?

Unfortunately, we are not yet able to control the weather, although we will do our best to plan according to the information we have.

This means that we cant take responsibility for the weather or outcomes that result of it. However we will do our best to give you a great time, regardless of what mother nature gives us on the day.

What kind of clothes and footwear should we wear? What else should we bring?

As all programs are different, the ideal clothing cannot be generalised. However we will let you know beforehand and make sure that you are prepared. Find out more about our Inclusions.

Why do I need to sign a liability waiver?

We place high value on your safety. However we cannot take responsibility for everything, including your own actions. We are sure you can understand this. We’ll do our best to ensure safety for you, however adventurous activities in nature involve a higher than normal risk, thus a release and assumption of risk waiver has to be signed upon program commencement. Please see our Terms and Conditions.

Has your question been answered? If not, please Contact Us today.

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