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Through our journey we’ve gained a unique set of strengths. Our background in outdoor education and experiential learning is unrivalled, we have solid tourism credentials in Sydney, Australia and overseas, and we have facilitators who are also talented photographers.

This means we can build programs that other team building companies cannot. Team building is most effective if staff can depart completely from their work setting, and journey to new situations together. A new ‘bubble’ needs to be created. It’s only a temporary departure from the workplace, but the results will be more effective the longer a group can stay within this new ‘bubble’.

Travel is integral to this. Our start to finish approach, use of themes and engagement techniques are the foundations beneath a presentation that is relatable and fun. Having a professional photographer capturing your team’s special moments, allows your memories to last forever. For it to be worth your while, we know that learning must be retained, and positive emotions must linger.

We are great all-rounders, and we love new challenges. However, smart businesses know their strengths, and stick to what they do best.

These strengths are what make us unique…

We stick to what we enjoy… and do best

Outdoor Education and Experiential Learning

Outdoor Education is “purposely designed educational activities which have a common ‘growth through challenge’ philosophy and which utilise natural environments or other novel environments” (Neill 2001).

Over 23 years, Garry Richards built Outward Bound Australia into Australia’s most prominent and respected Outdoor Education organisation. The Queen even thanked him for it by giving him an Order of Australia Medal for services to the community.

Experiential learning underpins outdoor education, and everything else we do. It’s powerful in self-development as people use their own experiences to learn. Confucius explained it best:

 “Tell me and I’ll forget…

Show me and I’ll remember…

Involve me and I‘ll understand

Step back and I’ll act.”

– Confucius

We love the outdoors, the best classroom there is

Travel and Eco-tourism  

We also have over 10 years of experience in Eco-tourism. Both outdoor education and tourism are fantastic conduits for Team Building.

Eco-tourism is “ecologically sustainable tourism with a primary focus on experiencing natural areas that fosters environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and conservation”.

We have an Advanced Eco-tourism Australia Certification, which means you’re supporting an operator with strong interpretation values, and a commitment to nature conservation and helping local communities.

We’re experienced in management and accredited in eco-tourism


We use photography as a competitive advantage in two ways. Firstly, we have facilitators who not only have great personalities, but also skills and experience in professional photography. This means as part of your package you receive high-quality, professional images. These are great for memories, but can also be used for your own marketing purposes.

Secondly, we use photography as a medium in a number of our events and retreats. Most uniquely, is our work with long exposure photography (light painting). Not only have we pioneered it as an art-form, we’ve developed numerous games that allow groups to totally engage with one another. This works well year-round indoors, and can also be an added bonus on retreats.

Capturing great times from the best angles is half the fun, and a great ‘value add’ to your investment

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