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If you have a specific issue to address or you just want to ensure serious results, then let us help you. We want to shoulder your burden.

Sometimes its just not possible to achieve deep change through conventional team building programs. Ingrained problems often require stronger measures to fix.

Maybe you’re not sure what you’re missing. There’s always room for improvement, and often the question is ‘how’ to improve. The owner of your business wants the answer to this, but more importantly proof of improvement through lasting results.

Purpose Development
Outcomes Corporate Identity Development Leadership Trust Communication Time Management Creativity Team Bonding Change Management Problem Solving
Inclusions Initial Consultation
+ Options/Extras Travel Allowance Consultancy Analysis Development Plan Development Workshop Further Tailored Programs Reinforcement Consultation Program Delivery Plan Development Customised Team Building Programs
Group Size 5-25
Large Group Discounts $95pp (for over 40 people)
Minimum Fee $1,400


The independent perspective of an experienced, intelligent, consultant can be invaluable to business.  Dr Garry Richards has six degrees, and rose to the top of his industry as an outdoor educator and psychologist. The key areas he can help your business are:

  • Team Based Development – strengthening staff and organisations through research based experiential education
  • Self-Concept and Identity – the subject of his thesis, it goes to the heart of human beliefs and interactions


A development program with Dr Richards is designed to deliver results.

The 5 step process is as follows:

  1. Consultation – initial discussion with management
  2. Analysis – research to gain an understanding of your workplace
  3. Plan Development – report on analysis and a proposed plan of action
  4. Program Delivery – as a stand-alone workshop or a foundation of a broader framework
  5. Reinforcement – follow up analysis and actionable guidelines to ensure consolidated results are maintained


You may have already been impressed by Dr Richards on our blog or elsewhere. He makes a great change agent, nothing beats a friendly, wise old man with broad shoulders. Call today to meet with him for an obligation free initial consultation.


*We are happy to serve you in all locations listed, however travel allowances may apply for locations outside of Sydney, our home base.


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