Duration 1-2 Hrs
Setting Outdoors
Price from $120 pp


We all know that a healthier workplace means being happier and more productive. However, it’s hard to influence what staff do in their own time.

A lot of people know how to be healthy in theory, but do not embrace it in their lives. This is often because people see it as being ‘hard’, ‘expensive’ or too ‘time consuming’.

We’ll be able to change this perception in a fun, inclusive, inspiring way that builds up confidence from any level of fitness with our Healthy Active Team Building Program.

Purpose Fun Energiser Brand Development Development Health and Fitness Reward Creativity Team Bonding Change Management Problem Solving
Objectives Energiser Brand Development Health and Fitness Reward Creativity Team Bonding Change Management Problem Solving
Inclusions Free Consultation Prizes Photography package
+ Options/Extras Health Education Exercising Running Body and Mind Bootcamp Personal Training Travel Allowance Team Health Development Customised Team Building Programs
Group Size 5-25
Large Group Discounts $95pp (for over 40 people)
Minimum Fee $1400


The best move towards a healthier workplace is some inspiring education on health, some fun social exercise, or a combination of both.

We’ll come to you. It’s often a great way to start or finish the working day.

Combining the expertise and spunk of Personal Trainers, with our commitment to fun games and effective Team Building Exercises, we offer:

  • Nutrition and Health Education Sessions – fun, informative, inspiring
  • Office Exercises – stretches and strengthening that can be done during short breaks at home and work with minimal equipment
  • Running – humans were born to run as a tribe. Learn safe techniques and all the pointers to become a running convert
  • Yoga and Pilates – promotes peaceful body and mind as a great stress relief for busy offices
  • Boot Camp – great format for team games that are both fun and healthy


“The greatest wealth is health”- Virgil

Great as a one off session or as part of an ongoing program.


*We are happy to serve you in all locations listed, however travel allowances may apply for locations outside of Sydney, our home base.

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