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HOME » TEAM BUILDING » TEAM BUILDING DURATION » 1-2 HOURS ICEBREAKERS, ENERGISERS AND BREAKOUTSIdeal for a sharp impact in a larger program, conference or training schedule. Designed and timed right a big impact can be achieved with little investment in time or cost.

Quick short programs can be triggers for thoughts, change the mood or direction of a team, create a break,  or be a parallel or tangential experience of a learning experience but in a different and complementing form.

A reward, re-invigoration, fun break or a highlight… just 1-2 hrs Icebreakers, Energizers or Breakouts can be very effective if done right.

We are tailoring the Icebreaker to your needs when we discuss your Unique Team Building Program in your free initial Consultation.

Team Building Programs for 1-2 Hrs:

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