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Sometimes, it helps if your team starts in the dark…

You could be wondering… what is this light painting? How are all these magical images made? Why would I want to do this with my team?
The experiences we offer are unique, which is why you probably haven’t heard of team building with light before, and why you probably have a lot of questions.
Curious? Here are some answers:


What is light painting?

It’s a form of long exposure photography (usually done at night as it requires low light), where the camera’s sensor is left open long enough to capture all the light being created in front of it. This means one photo could take minutes to capture! Using torches and various lights, you can paint, draw or write whatever you like, and it all comes out in the one image.


Who facilitates this?

For the best results, it makes a big difference to have someone who knows this specific artform. We have photographers on our team that are experts in a large range of long exposure techniques. We have been on the TV (Sydney Weekender), in major Newspapers and magazines. We have all the gear, and this is what we love to do. We don’t normally teach photography in detail on our team building programs (as most of the fun is had by you, the light painters in front of the camera), but if you’re interested in it you can follow my instagram: Andy UDU for some “How-to” lessons and inspiration.


Why is this good for team building?

The most important question is always “why”. Here are the 12 main reasons why you should try team building with light photography and why night photography techniques are perfect for team bonding:

  1. New – great if you’re tired of doing the same old stuff!
  2. Setting – with the lights off, all sorts of fun things can happen.
  3. Accessible to all – no prerequisites or fitness is required.
  4. Engaging – all staff will need to be involved, and everyone will have a chance to “shine”.
  5. Fun – brings out the kid in everyone.
  6. Communication – this is at the centre of all the photos, there are a lot of different parts that require co-ordination.
  7. Creativity – the possibilities are endless.
  8. Time management – the shutter waits for no one, planning is often required.
  9. Flexible – can be done at a range of venues, and injunction with drinks and other events.
  10. Weatherproof – can be done indoors, at night or during the day, year round.
  11. Lasts forever – the event doesn’t finish on the day, you’ll keep the images forever.
  12. Branding – your full resolution images will be great for marketing and social media.


When and where’s the best time to do it?

Indoor venues
Our indoor events operate all year round, and can be done during the day (depending on the venue, we can block out the light a dark setting).

Outdoor venues
For the outdoor events, winter works well because it gets dark earlier, which means we can start and finish earlier. Summer however, is warmer, which means it can often be combined with other events.

VIVID Festival
In Sydney, this is a perfect time, as the city really comes to life at night and provides some stunning backdrops and added attractions. See VIVID for more info and inspiration.

At your event
You maybe surprised at the opportunities available at your next event, so it’s always worth asking.



You may not have ever thought of light as being such a useful tool for bringing your team together. However, with expert facilitation your team can see each other in a different light, be it as part of a tailored program to achieve certain outcomes, or as a fun addition to your planned event. Either way, the added bonus is at the end, you’ll have some moments to remember, and the unique photos to prove them!

In short, by working together your team can not only capture light, but also capture some lasting memories of time shared discovering new skills, and being creative together.

If you still have questions that you’d like answered, or if you’d like to find out how we can make an event with photography work for you, please contact us for a quick and easy chat.


Night Photography
We love sharing our photography skills with you, in order to create unique images



Final question… How does it work?

There are three basic ways we can incorporate light painting into your team event:

  1. We can deliver a 2-3 hr program based on light painting, games and creativity. Skills are learnt in order to be able to create artwork and complete challenges: Team Building Indoors with Light
  2. Working with you, we can take the time to produce high quality images that can be used for branding, marketing messages or a number of other functions: Illumination Photos
  3. We can add something extra to the next evening event you are organising, by not just capturing the event, but also setting up a “light painting photo-booth”: Event Photography

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