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Wondering What Team Building Activities For Children Look Like? Here Are Some Insights.

Planning and holding team building programs for young people is like looking back at your own youth. Team building activities for younger people have several unique factors to consider, as well as some features in common with office team building. Let’s dive in! 

What Are The Differences Between Team Building For Youth And Corporate Team Building?


Team building for youth has a specific target: people at a younger age. Since they are at a significant development stage of their early lives, having a uniquely designed team building activity can enhance their potential and help them develop a lot of new skills, such as leadership, problem-solving, and so on. 

Furthermore, younger people, especially children, have less experience in their life than office workers. Hence, it is likely that team building activities exclusively designed for children and teenagers can be a life-changing experience.  


Some researchers argue that children have a different attention span at different ages. Hence, it is important to keep in mind that they have different engagement levels from adults when planning team building activities for them. Fun games that can be played as teams can help those children get engaged more in the activities. 

Two children get excited with their computer screen in front of them.
Get them excited about your team building activities.
Fun Games – Youth: Team Building, Children, Kids, Future Career, Teamwork. Credit: StartupStockPhotos

Young people are likely to have different interests than office workers as well. For example, children tend to be relatively more active than older generations, so team building that involves outdoor activities and exercises can also boost their motivation and creativity. 


Unlike those who participate in other team building programs provided for companies, young people, especially those in their late teens, are likely to be exploring their future career paths. Team building exercises are a great opportunity for young people to find out what fascinates them, what their strengths are, as well as their room for improvement. 

Therefore, it is vital that various roles and skills are visible in team building activities for young people to notice their own, whether it is leadership, public speaking, or helping others. 

What Are The Similarities Between The Two Types Of Team Building?


Similar to corporate team building, programs for youth can be used to help young people learn how to communicate, collaborate, and work as a team. When you work at a company or an organisation, those who you work with are not necessarily the ones with whom you get along well. Hence, it is important for people to learn how to collaborate professionally in their early stages to become flexible team members. 

Seven kids' hands gather showing teamwork and unity.
Learning the power of teamwork can help enrich our experiences in life.
Teamwork – Youth: Team Building, Children, Kids, Future Career. Credit: jarmoluk


When participating in a team building activity, young people can learn how to be responsible to achieve certain objectives as team members. A sense of responsibility can lead one to feel confident when they accomplish something by combining each member’s skills and abilities together. 


Just like other team building programs, team building for youth is not a test or evaluation of one’s ability. It is rather about having fun together as a team and building a trusting relationship with one another. Therefore, your young people can develop a lot of new skills, explore their potential, and experience the importance of teamwork while having fun together in a team building activity. It can kill a lot of birds with just one stone! 


Since its target is obviously focused on young people, team building for children and teenagers requires thorough planning. Unique Team Building offers various types of team building programs that are beneficial for young people as well as employees.    

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