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Are your team members facing new challenges? Do they need to develop better communication skills and problem-solving strategies, as well as improve trust in other team members and in themselves? Abseiling is one team building activity that can help achieve all these.

Abseiling, which came from the German word abseilen, literally means “to rope down”. Secured mainly by ropes, your team members have to overcome fear and great heights, and develop strategies on how to cope with the situation. They have to rely on their leader and trust the judgement of others in order to achieve the goal of sliding safely to the ground.

Bonding Over a Shared Experience

After a successful descent, your team members will feel a sense of accomplishment and pride, as well as greater motivation to meet problems and challenges with their game face on. A challenging activity such as abseiling allows team members to bond over the shared experience, with a renewed appreciation of each person’s part in the overall achievement.

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