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The benefits of play are helping workplace culture and productivity.

The power of play is inescapable. As early as 1659, this famous proverb laid out the truth that science has now proven:

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Everyone is familiar with this adage, but very few professionals actively pursue a balance of work and play. Today’s cutthroat business environment doesn’t readily invite fun and games, yet all of our team building exercises incorporate the element of play. There’s a reason for this. It’s the same reason that psychologists encourage play in the workplace: it provides stress relief, stimulates creativity, and nurtures problem-solving.

Although some people view play in the workplace as a waste of valuable time, we beg to differ. Studies have found that play is beneficial to mental health and keeps neural pathways sharp.

Let’s break down the power of play and explore how it can also help employees accomplish more in the workplace.


Don’t underestimate the power of play! Productivity, creativity, and happiness all receive a boost from playtime.


Modern workers are an inarguably stressed-out bunch. Their lives revolve around deadlines, meetings, and reports. Now, imagine a work environment where employees were relaxed and developed their skills using play. It’s quite different from our typical workplace associations, but it could be a reality.

Here are some of the work-related benefits that demonstrate the power of play.


Play allows employees to get acquainted in non-work situations. By learning about each other’s preferences and personalities, coworkers can create bonds that don’t naturally occur at work. Additionally, group activities like scavenger hunts and puzzles encourage teamwork and build trust. Coworkers who have established personal connections through play are better at collaboration and problem-solving.


Play allows your brain to switch gears and provides a break from work-related tasks. “Playtime” is a great way to relax, regroup, and recharge. Some of the top-rated workplaces in the world have integrated rock climbing walls, bowling alleys, and arcades into their workplaces. Just ten minutes away from a particularly difficult task is enough to get a new perspective. Additionally, less stress means better health and fewer absences.


Play helps build neural pathways in the brain. Puzzles can help with memory and problem-solving, and art-based activities can boost creativity. These skills also carry over into the workplace and daily life as well. An employee who regularly engages in play is more likely to contribute creative solutions and deliver a unique perspective on business-related challenges.

A quick game of chess could be the key to relieving stress at the office.


Now that you know how powerful play can be let’s examine how to integrate it into our daily lives. Here are some fun activities to bring to your workplace:


Split your employees into teams and give them a list of things to find in and around your building. Don’t forget to set a time limit! What will each person contribute? From knowledge to memory and critical thinking, scavenger hunts bring out the best in people.


Sculpting, crafting, painting, and drawing gives employees a chance to show off their skills, and have fun in the process. Even if you lack artistic skills, art can still be a great way to blow off steam.


Turn lunch into a team building activity! From time management and cooperation to presentation and creativity, this is a great way to challenge your staff and make some memories.


Participating in fun, healthy activities like running, yoga and stretching can improve mood, health, and focus. Additionally, nutrition and exercise classes inspire healthy choices and the creation of a balanced workplace.


If you’re looking to integrate more play into your workspace, please contact us! Unique Team Building offers fully customized packages that will change your team for the better. With outdoor activities, indoor activities, corporate retreats, and a focus on experiential learning, we’ve got all the tools you need to build an effective team.

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