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Nisbets approached us looking to both reward (for a successful end of year), and challenge their Australian Executive Team.  A small group of intelligent and energetic personalities, their initial enquiry was for:

“A team build and thank you for my operational mgt team”

After some phone conversations, we dug a little deeper so we could customise the best day for them.


We tailored a full day outdoor adventure to the Royal National Park. By using our Tour Operator Accreditation, National Parks Licence and Eco-tourism Australia Accreditation, we were able to pick up the Nisbets staff in one bus. Everybody was ready for a magical mystery tour of Australia’s oldest National Park.

The first activity was horse riding through the rainforests near Otford farm. One of our facilitators, Koby, was a superstar from the start. With a background in horse riding expeditions, photography, eco-guiding and Sociology, she had the perfect skill-set for our day. The first step was to match the personalities of both horses and riders, followed by an insight into equestrian group dynamics.

Team Building Horse Riding
Horse Riding- A great start to the Team Building day


After a tranquil ride, it was on to the main team building activities. Set on a grassy patch surrounded by gum trees, we split the group into two teams for some friendly competitive challenges. Based on the laughter, the teams had no idea that each activity had been crafted to address Nisbets key focus areas of communication and collaboration.

On to lunch, and boy did Nisbets deliver! As Australia’s premier supplier of kitchen equipment, perhaps it shouldn’t have been surprising to see such epic culinary results.  It was a hard fought Iron Chef Battle; the Blue Banana’s creativity and presentation Vs the Red Back’s strong theme and refined tastes.

Beach Team Building Bush walk
Beach and Bush combine! Trekking together as one team


Andy- who was actually the Royal National Park’s first eco-tour guide- continued the journey after lunch with an interpretative bushwalk.  Bush tucker, swimming in the lagoon, stunning views and Boomerang throwing rounded off an afternoon of discovery.

There was music and banter during the various scenic drives, and by the end there was even joke telling and karaoke! When we dropped off the Nisbets crew, it was hard to announce the winners, they had become one team.


It was a real pleasure to be able to draw on our distinct strengths to deliver an experience for Nisbets to treasure. In their words:

“After a long and very successful year it was time for the Nisbets management team to have some fun; Unique Team Building listened to our brief and truly delivered a day to remember.
The day was planned to perfection ensuring everyone felt involved and had a great time; non-intrusive photos were taken throughout the day ensuring the memories were captured forever.
I would like to thank Andy and Koby and would recommend Unique to anyone wanting to thank their staff.”

Paul Ormerod | General Manager | Website: Nisbet’s Australia Pty Ltd


Call 02 8073 4416 to discuss ideas with us so that we can create a unique adventure just for you.

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