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Ice Cream is delicious… but is it what we need? Or just what we want?

Management and team building programs often engage participants in what is called “experiential learning”, i.e. learning through experience …not learning through being taught.

For most people, discovering insights, learning for themselves, finding their own new way of doing things or seeing and understanding things in a new way without being lectured at, is exciting, satisfying and pleasurable.

It’s like having a triple flavoured ice cream!

Experiential based management development is, in itself, enjoyable and can simply be a lot of fun. But there’s more to choosing an appropriate management training program than just going for the sweet flavours!

There are many cases where that’s exactly what a company or organisation wants for their staff: to celebrate, or reward, or just simple bonding of individuals in shared fun experiences.  Bring on the ice cream, the more flavours the better!  And there is a perfect place in our lives for ice cream… Its great!

There are also many organisations which want other things out of their management development programs, their on the search for a proper dinner. They are looking for insights, new understandings and behaviours which are transferable and will have positive effects back in the work place.  These companies are looking for a solid meal, but as well as nutrition and substance, want it to have texture and taste.

This is exactly what a well designed professional management training program which uses  effective substantial experiential techniques can do. It can provide texture and taste as well as substantial “corporate nutrition”.

The point is a simple one… experience- based management programs have great potential for achieving a variety of corporate goals.

The key to success is deciding what it is that you need for your organisation from all the menus that are available.

A good menu (like a good management or team building organisation) will have a wide range of dishes available for you to choose from. The best menu will range from 5 course meals rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, to super sweet desserts with the best ice cream (using this food metaphor is making me very hungry… back in a minute.. gotta get a snack!)

BUT.. we have all been through the agony of going with a group of friends or colleagues and trying to decide menu items for a group of people.  Especially if its unclear what the menu items are, sometimes they’re in a different language even!

You need to select from the menu carefully to get the meal you want and do it in a ‘Management Development Restaurant’ that can actually deliver the meal you ultimately order.  Also… it’s best to be be served by a knowledgeable waiter who can guide you through the menu and work with you to ensure the best order is made.

This is exactly the same with management development and team building programs. Its very useful to get to get help in determining what best suits your needs.

Ice cream gives great taste and a shot of energy … The effects are transitory, but as a treat or a quick easy enjoyable energy fix theres nothing that beats it.  If the occasion is right. On other occasions the need may be for a substantial meal.  A good meal of management training needs good recipes, good substance as well as taste.  Good taste is vital… but make sure its got the management protein that will build and sustain the corporate body.


Yep! A good experiential learning restaurant is an excellent place to get what you want and need, but there is more…..

When it comes down to it, its all about deciding :

  • what it is you need in a Management or Team Building Program,
  • where you can get what you need ,and
  • what advice you can get in making the best decision.

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