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The benefits of team building have been noted in workplaces such as Google and Microsoft, yet corporate team building events are often ridiculed by employees. Why?

The answer is simple. Not all team building events are created equal! In fact, better team building is crafted by identifying pain points establishing group goals. It’s not enough to set up a murder mystery and call it an exercise.

It’s time for the evolution of your corporate team building program. Meeting company goals is important for the individuals that make up your team as well as your bottom line:
better team building consists of teamwork
Every individual can contribute to the success of your company, but teamwork is the key!


Team building creates an atmosphere of cooperation: It’s not just individuals sitting in cubicles or working from home offices. It’s the knowledge that every role matters and profits depend on everyone’s maximum input.

Working with a team builds trust: Not just trust in each team member, but trust in the company. Effective team building teaches your team that every voice is important when it comes to corporate decisions.

A strong team means less conflict: Disagreements and diverse opinions shouldn’t turn into demeaning, insult-fueled interdepartmental fights. Team building encourages respect for diversity at all levels as well as understanding that while there will always be differences, similarities, strengths, and weaknesses, the ideal combination is a mix of temperaments and talents.

Well-trained teams talk with each other, not at each other: It starts with the old saying, “there’s no ‘I’ in team.” Team building teaches how to use your body, voice, and language when interacting with colleagues. These skills make the difference between cooperation and conflict. Peaceful resolution of stressful situations and working through difficulties is accomplished more easily during team building exercises that encourage participants to invite one another to solve problems, rather than confront one another with blame.

Corporate team building exercises don’t have to resemble a manic episode of The Office or one of several episodes of The Apprentice. It can be a worthwhile investment, a good time, and an annual event your employees look forward to.


1. Don’t make it all about one aspect of the company (sales, tech, administrative), because every team building exercise should include everyone who’s working for you. From part-time secretaries to remote customer service reps, team building benefits everyone.

2. Don’t make it all about corporate, because this event is supposed to be different from the usual day at the office. Get outside the four walls, ditch the cubicles, and don’t even think about hosting the event in the parking lot, because that’s still too close to home.

3. It IS an investment, but don’t harp about the cost. Instead, remind your team what it’s worth to each of them personally. Think of this as a legitimate budget line item every year, not frivolous finance. You don’t have to come up with a big idea every month. A spectacular team building event once or twice a year builds excitement and anticipation and lets your employees know you are willing to put both your faith and funds behind their work.

4. The energy you build must carry over into the days, weeks, and months after the event. The lessons must follow and lead your team back to their desks. An offsite team building experience pays off when employees take their newfound knowledge and apply it to projects, sales, and procedures in order to save time and money while creating new opportunities for company growth and expansion.

5. Ditch the predictable and do something unexpected! There’s no challenge and no learning experience at a company picnic, but at Unique Team Building, we’ll push your limitations, testing your skills and adaptability with an array of proven exercises that are tailored to your business.

We design our team building activities to meet your pain points. Just tell us what you’d like to accomplish!


So, what are your pain points? What do you want your team to accomplish? All of this information can help you familiarize yourself with some of the outcomes that team building can achieve. Tell us what your team needs to work on and we’ll provide the perfect customized solution. Best of all, we’ll do it on your time frame and within your budget! From single-day cooking challenges to multi-day hiking excursions, your employees will work together in ways they never considered and return to work ready to work better together. Contact us for information about our packages or to set up a consultation.

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