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Your Customers’ Happiness Can Come From Your Employees’ Happiness. Read On To Find Out The Tips You Can Start Today!

Have you ever wondered if your staff are happily employed? Is your workplace positive and comfortable enough to listen to their thoughts? Maybe it is time for you to look around and try more to ensure your employees’ happiness because their happiness can bring you more benefits than you think.

Here is an interesting study that shows how effective employees’ happiness can be. A study conducted in Britain by Saïd Business School in Oxford University found that happy employees boosted their productivity by 13%. What is fascinating about this study is that it indicates happier staff work more productively without spending any extra hours to get their jobs done.

So, What Exactly Can You Do To Make Sure Your Employees Are Happy? 

Below are 5 tips you can try to bring your employees happiness.  


A hand holds a card saying "Thank you"
It is simple, but very important in your workplace. Say it out loud, “Thank you!”
Thank You – Employees Happiness: Team Building, Appreciation, Recognition, Work Life Balance. Credit: athree23

“Thank you” goes both ways. Simply saying the two words constantly is powerful enough to show that you respect your employees, and recognise their effort. If you are not doing this at your office, start today. You will once again realise how much they have contributed to the daily operation of your business. 


In addition to saying “thank you,” you have a variety of ways to show that you acknowledge and appreciate their contribution. You may ask, “why is it so important to express that you recognise them?” The answer is simple. Failing to show your recognition might end up losing your employees. In fact, research by Tanner Learning Group conveyed that 79% of employees who left their job decided to do so due to a lack of appreciation. 

Therefore, the consistent act of showing recognition is vital. It can be done by frequently giving your staff positive feedback, rewarding them, or showing your interest in their personalities. You can also conduct a mutual evaluation to give both you and your employees an opportunity to receive feedback and look for areas to improve.


People cannot work happily if they have no time to enjoy themselves. A study conducted in Europe indicates a substantial link between poor work-life balance and poor self-reported health of the employees.  

Hence, it is important for managers to ensure their employee’s work-life balance. In other words, employers should prioritize employees’ physical and mental health, strictly set the maximum working hours, and create a warm environment where employees can comfortably ask for a vacation.   


Employees tend to become unhappy and less motivated when no clear goals have been set to pursue. Articulate your company’s set of goals to your staff so that you all share the same vision as a team and work towards it collectively.

You can also encourage your employees to have personal goals to promote their growth in their careers. Suggesting career pathways and offering other opportunities are some of the ways you can boost their motivation and happiness. 


Team building activities are one of the greatest options for you to make your employees happy. Through those exercises, you will not only be able to have great communication as a team but also to build a trusting, positive relationship with each of your employees. It is a great opportunity for you to show interest and recognise each employee as an important member of your team to accomplish the shared goals. Doing those activities together can help you create a positive and comfortable atmosphere in your own work environment. 

Nine people raise their hands and make smiles with a spectacular sight of landscape behind them.
Team building programs are great ways to show your appreciation, putting smiles on your staff’s face.
Outdoor Retreat – Employees Happiness: Team Building, Appreciation, Recognition, Work Life Balance. Credit: Unique Team Building


Your employees’ happiness is heavily reliant on how much you care and act for them. It’s also strongly associated with your company’s service to the customers, hence the happiness of your customers. Start by trying out those 5 ideas above to make everyone happy.   

Let us help you make your employees happier to work at your company. Contact us today to design your own unique team building program to create a more positive team of your own. 

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