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We love having the opportunity to meet new people, especially those that we can provide opportunities to, and other industry that we can collaborate with. This is why we attended an Event Advisor Expo at the Amora Hotel in Sydney, and we’re sure glad we did. Event Advisors (EA) are well worth subscribing to, they are professional, friendly and have a comprehensive list of suppliers to choose from (which we are proud to be part of).

The event was great, and we are very grateful to EA for giving us the opportunity to have our own room where we could set up a professional studio for some corporate headshots. To offer a taste of what we do, and as an opportunity for everyone to win something special for their company, we had a prize draw.


Event Advisors Expo
Andy, Eva, Shantala, Mal- EA Expo


The prize was for a Unique Company Photo, where we create with you a unique masterpiece using night photography techniques. Its a lot of fun, and is also great for branding and marketing opportunities. With plenty of entries, there could only be three winners.

And the lucky people are:

  1. Deloitte (Diane Walker)
  2. Novotel Sydney Central (Amanda Shannon)
  3. Suncorp (Laura Tran)

We look forward to doing a Team Illumination Event with you!


Everyone’s a winner!

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Andrew Richards

Andrew Richards

Andrew is fascinated by the world and all that happens around us- from how large businesses work, through to how we can improve ourselves as individuals. He draws on experience working in eco-tourism and a degree in management, as well as from his passions for travel, photography and all things interesting. With a young mind, he likes to keep his finger on the pulse, always on the lookout for ways to help improve the world we live in, the places we work, and the lives we live.

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